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Hello friends, Navratri is just around the corner and most of my friends and readers must be looking for the suitable kitty party games for their Navratri theme kitty party. Though I have already added a list of 10 Best Navratri Theme Kitty Party Games, I am here again with an interesting but simple Navratri Kitty Tambola Game for the Navratri theme kitty party.

This is a simple tambola game and is to be played with the regular Tambola numbers and board. You just need to make the tambola tickets at home and they are too easy to make. tambola sheets you just need the drawing sheets and the sketch pens.

Navratri Kitty Tambola GameNavratri Kitty Tambola Game

  • Take a drawing sheet and make 18 columns in it.
  • Write down the names of 9 Durga mata in the columns in two parts as shown in the image above.
  • Now write one tambola number in each column.

You will get a dividend when the two numbers of relevant boxes are cut. For example, when you get the number of शैल AND पुत्री boxes, you will get the dividend जय शैल्पुत्री माता।

This way, you have 9 different dividends and the tenth one will be the house for which you can call out Jai Mata Di जय माता दी.

This is a very simple but suitable tambola game for your ladies kitty party in Navratri theme.

DO let me know if you liked the game or not. Attached is the link to video tutorial for this game. DO watch the video to learn the game easily.



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