Monsoon Theme Tambola Game: Ladies Kitty Party

Monsoon Theme Tambola Game

Today I am sharing a Monsoon Theme Tambola Game, designed specially on demand of a reader. She has her monsoon theme kitty party this month and wanted me to design some colorful tambola ticket. So here I am with an attractive and colorful tambola ticket for Monsoon theme party.

Monsoon Theme Tambola GameMonsoon Theme Tambola Game

How to play Monsoon Theme Tambola Game

Get the tambola tickets and write the numbers on yellow marks.

There are five dividends in total in this tambola game.

  1. Monsoon is here– This is early five, and will be claimed when any five numbers in your ticket are cut.
  2. Yellow Umbrella- When two numbers on the umbrella are cut.
  3. Happy Cloud– when numbers around the cloud are cut.
  4. Happy Kids – when numbers around the kids are cut.
  5. Happy Frog– when numbers around the frog are cut.
  6. Happy monsoon– when all numbers in the ticket are cut.

You can download and get these tickets printed at your end or can pay us to do so. We charge Rs 30 per ticket plus the shipping charges. Our prints are on good quality glaze paper which gives an attractive look to the tickets.

If you want, we can send you the soft copy of the tickets at the cost of Rs 20 per ticket.


Leave your comment below if you want to place your order.




  1. Nice monsoon theme tambola ideas. If we order for these tickets how many days will take to reach at Ratlam M.P.Minimum how manytickets will send & whatis price+postal charges? Pse let me know

    • Hello Nirmala, these tickets are for Rs 30 per ticket and the minimum order is 30 tickets. We charge a shipping cost of Rs 200 extra. It will take around 4 days to reach ratlam.

  2. Hi,I am trying to download the ticket but once i click on download it goes to my fb page but never shows me the ticket.
    How should i print it,don’t have time to order.
    Pls help.

    • Sorry for the inconvenience Prachi. Mailed you the tambola tickets with and without numbers. You can get them printed in glaze paper to get good quality tickets.

  3. I wanted the tickets for my 8 year old daughters birthday party. Can you send me 20 tkts with numbers? I can get them printed too or will it work out better if you print and send.

    I like the monsoon theme but you can suggest something else.

  4. Hi i want you to send me the tambola tickets for monsoon theme…and will it come wirh numbets written on it and the script…i will appreciate if i can get a detailed reply on my mail

    Thanks n reg

  5. Hey, can mail the tickets to me as well, I have got my kitty this month and being monsoons I really liked the idea of this tambola which can be played online on zoom or what’s app. Can u pls e mail it to me and any other games related to monsoons, kindly share if u have any. Thanks.

    • Hey Geetha, thanks. These tickets are available for sale at the price of Rs 20 per ticket and I will send you the soft copy of the tickets which you can send to your members and play the game on whatsapp./ Do let me know if you want to place the order.


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