Spa Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

Spa Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

Today I am sharing this interesting Spa Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas on demand. However, I have never done this theme kitty, nor I’ve attended one but I have tried making some games on the same. I hope you will like my ideas as always and give me your support by sharing the post.

Spa Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

Spa theme kitty party invitationSpa Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

“Love yourself and pamper yourself, because you are the best. 

Keep calm and come to my spa, relax and forget about the rest. 

Get dressed in comfy clothes and look smarty, 

I am inviting you all for a Spa Theme Kitty Party.”

Spa Theme Kitty Party Games

Spa Tambola-

spa theme tambola game for kitty party with numbers

This is a spa tambola where the dividends are

  1. I had a massage- when numbers on massage are cut
  2. I had a facial- when numbers on facial are cut
  3. I had a manicure- when numbers on manicure are cut
  4. I loved Jacuzzi- when numbers on jacuzzi are cut
  5. I am relaxed- Its the first house
  6. I am glowing- It is the second house

Download the Spa tambola ticket without the numbers here-spa theme tambola game for ladies kitty party

Nail Paint Game- Spin the bottle

As shown in the image below you have to make a spinner on the hard board and keep different colored nail paints all around it. The girls will sit in a circle around the spinning board and start spinning one by one. Girls have to paint any one nail of their hands or toes on the colour the spinning arrow or the bottle stops. The girl who gets maximum number of nails painted with one colour will win the game and get the prize. It’s upon girls how they pain their nails so as to get a complete hand or a tow with a single colour.cute party games for girls

Make a gumball necklace- One Minute Party Game

This is an individual game where the ladies have to make a necklace with the gumballs and a flower and wear it in one minute. The lady who makes the biggest necklace with maximum gumballs will be the winner.

spa theme kitty party gameimage via

Blindfold Makeup-

Call two guests at a time to play this bridal shower games and give them a blindfold bandanna and a makeup kit. Include all the possible cosmetic items in the makeup kit like lipsticks, eye shadow, blush, glitter, lip gloss, kajal, maskara, moisturizer, concealer, foundation etc. The players will get one minute of time to play this game. In this one minute one of the two players will get blindfold and do makeup on other player’s face. The couple doing the best makeup in one minute will bedeclared as the winner of this bridal shower game.sleepover games for slumber party

Nail art game-

You can also keep a nail art game in your spa theme kitty party. Give one nail paint and some nail art accessories to the members and the one who does the best nail art will be the winner.

If you want to keep a particular dress code you can ask your members to wear a bathrobe and come or you can keep pink and purple as a color code for this theme.

So these were my Spa Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas, hope you liked them. Please do share the post on your social networks and help me making my blog bigger.



  1. So interested n new will defenetely help me.but give some
    Uniq ideas for the decorum for this spa should be pleasing n eye catching atmosphere…. Thanx

  2. Hi shivangi…i like ur kitty ideas nd themes..grt wrk ….can u plz suggest sme decoration nd food ideas for spa theme kitty….thnk


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