Minute To Win It Game : Stack Attack

minute to win it game stack attack

Today I am sharing the minute to win it game stack attack. This game is to be played with a deck of cards. You can either buy the minute to win it cards game or can play it with simple playing cards and the plastic cups.

Minute to win it game Stack Attackminute to win it game stack attack

Things required

To play this game in any of your parties, you just need a few plastic cups and a deck of cards and a stop watch of course.

How To Play 

This is a one-minute party game and thus the players will get a minute to win it. In this game, the players have to stack two cups into each other. The image above will make it clear. Before the game starts, arrange the plastic cups and the cards as shown in the image above. When the time starts, the player has to remove the cards one by one in such a way that the cups get stacked. The player who stacks the maximum number of cups in one minute, will be the winner of this game.


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