Interesting one minute party game: Perfect Timings

Interesting one minute party game

If you are looking for a new and very interesting written game for your party, this it is. This is a very interesting one minute party game, suitable for any kind of parties, may it be a ladies kitty party, office party, a couple party of even a housewarming party. All you need to do is to download the game sheet from this post and get it printed.

Interesting One Minute Party Game
Interesting one minute party game

The game is all about making the clock needles. Yes your read it correct. Below is a game sheet where there are ten clocks made without any needles. The game or say the challenge here is to make the time needles according to the task lines given between the clocks. For example, the game starts when you get up at 7.15 am, then you go to toilet after 20 minutes, that means you have to draw time 7.35 in the clock and so on.

You can download this interesting one minute party game sheet from the download button given below and get it printed. This is a one minute game and the players will get only a minute to complete the sheet. If you find it easy enough for one minute you can however keep the time limit of 3o seconds too.

Download the sheet from the button below and enjoy.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

Do let me know how you and your party guests liked the game, also feel free to share this game on your social networks.



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