Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor Review


Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor Review. Red lip colour always tempted me and when it is said to be a 24 hour long stay lip-color I was bound to buy it. So, recently I bought the Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor also known as maybelline new york superstay 24 2-step lipcolor. With a talkative and foodie girl like me, long stay lipsticks actually seems to be a dream, but as claimed by Maybelline I decided to try the Ultimate Red.

Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor ReviewMaybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor Review


So Maybeline claims that the Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor-

  1. lasts up to 24hr.
  2. no crumbling.
  3. no fading.
  4. no transferring.
  5. no drying.
  6. no smudging.”

Sounds exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to go for the red passion and test the claims.

The lip color comes with a special lipbalm so I was sure that it will dry up my lips, for which the company is giving the balm beforehand. maybellinge lip balm

maybellne ultimate red
Before applying lipbalm

It is smooth textured and easy to apply lip color and not to mention the color is deep passionate red, exactly what I wanted. It is actually a Lip Paint and needs a few minutes to dry up, so after applying I left it for around 2 minutes and when it was dried, I applied the nourishing lip balm which comes with the pack.

maybelline lipstick after applying lipbalm
After applying lipbalm
maybelline lipstick after having tea
After 4 hrs
maybelline lip color non trasnferring
No marks on cup

Your lips will actually crave for the lip balm as the lip paint is too dry. So after applying the balm the color changes a bit but I still am loving the gloss look.

maybelline lipstick next morning
Next morning

The colour remains the same for around 2-3 hours but you might need re-application of the balm as it makes the lips DEADLY DRY. It is absolutely gorgeous red and is non-transferring for sure, at least I didn’t see any lip stain on my coffee mugs.

The lipstick stays for long undoubtedly and one need to rub the lips vigorously with toothbrush to take it out. But it becomes crumbling and wacky if you forget re-balming it. It fades slightly with time and the crumbles badly.

Kitty Groups Verdict:

  • Long staying- TRUE
  • No Crumbling- TRUE TO SOME EXTENT
  • Non- Transferring- TRUE
  • No drying- TRUE TO SOME EXTENT
  • No Smudging- TRUE

Overall, the color is bombastically gorgeous and makes you look super sexy when you apply and it stays gorgeous for around 2-3 hrs if you remember re-touching and balming. So I am game 🙂

Hope the Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor Review helps you deciding 🙂

The maybelline new york superstay 24 2-step lipcolor is available for Rs 1015 and you can buy the Maybelline Superstay24 Lipcolor Here.


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