Fun Game For Groups: Iam


I am is a fun game for groups, which means everyone in the group can play this game at one shot. It is a fun game and will definitely create huge laughter and fun in your party. You can also play this game in any of your family gatherings too.

The best part is that you don’t need anything or any preparations to play this game. Just make everyone sit in a circle and start playing.

How To Play The Fun Game For Groups I am

Make everyone sit in a circle. The game starts with the first alphabet A, and everyone sitting in the circle have to say, I am..from the coming alphabets.

For example, person 1 started..I am Alone, 2nd person will say I am Bold, 3rd will say I am Clever…and so on. The person who uses wrong alphabet or who takes time to say will be out of the game.




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