Best Out Of Waste: Candle Holder With Old DVD


This is my first post under the category Best Out Of Waste. Diwali is soon aproaching and you might be looking for some attractive candle holders to decorate your home. Today while browsing over the web I came across an idea of making the candle holder with the used DVD and marbles.

Candle Holder With Old DVD

Things Required

  • DVD
  • Marble
  • Instant Glue


How To Make Candle Holder With DVD

  • Take an old DVD and marbles to make this lovely candle holder.
  • Do not forget to spread a waste sheet on the table you make it.
  • Apply the glue on the DVD and start pasting the marbles as shown in the image below.
  • Using same colored marbles may give you a more attractive candle holder but this is what I had in my house so used them.
  • Make sure when gluing, you not only glue to the base, but to the marble next to it as well.
  • Glue marbles until you make a complete circle.
  • After you have finished, let it dry.
  • Place a candle inside and put it to use!
  • The reflective covering of the CD will amplify the light through the marbles.


Do try it and leave your comments below if you liked the idea of making a candle holder from a DVD.

Wishing you a lightening and Happy Diwali 🙂


  1. Hi Shivangi could you give me some ideas for punjabi theme kitty party .my kitty party held on next month and I want to do something new .


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