Kitty Party Game With Cards


This is a simple but interesting game for your ladies kitty party. This is not a theme specific game and thus you can play it in any of your kitty party with any of your themes.

All you need to play this game is the pack of cards and nothing else.

Just make the ladies sit in a circle as we usually do in our kitty parties. Now take the pack of the cards and start the game.

Lady one will pick a card and whatever number comes, she will pass on her card to the lady sitting on that number. Which means if I pick a card and the card is number 5, I will pass that card to the lady sitting on a 5th chair from my chair.Then next lady will pick up the card and play it in the same way.

In the end the lady with maximum number of cards will be the winner of this game. This is a luck game and thus you can play it with the entire group all together.


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