Bouncing Mallows: Christmas Party Game Kids

Christmas party game kids

Adding another interesting game in my list of Games for kids. Bouncing balls is a funny and nice Christmas party game kids. Unlike most of the other Funny One Minute Party Games here in my website, bouncing marshmallows is to be played in a couple. Yeah, you have to divide the kids in the party into pairs to play this game.

Christmas Party Game Kids: Bouncing Mallows

Christmas party game kids


To play this game with kids in your Christmas party, divide them into pairs and make them sit across the playing table as shown in the image above. Give them around 20 small marshmallows and a plastic cup. One of the partners will hold the cup and other will keep the marshmallows. This is a minute to win it challenge and everyone will get one minute to complete the challenge. The challenge is to put the mallows in the cups by throwing them as shown in the image above.

Kids will get one minute to put maximum numbers of mallows in the cup. The pair who put the maximum number of marshmallows in the cup in one minute will be declared the winner.


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