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One Minute Party Game Ideas: Moving Up

one minute party game ideas

Moving up is again a very common and popular minute to win it game and is one of the best one minute party game ideas for all kind of parties. The best thing about this game is that it suits all age groups. You can play it in a kid’s birthday party, a ladies kitty party or even in your regular office parties. To play this party game in any of your parties, you just need 39 blue plastic cups and 1 red or white plastic cup.

One Minute Party Game Ideas With Plastic Cup

one minute party game ideas

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Call the contestants to the playing area one by one and explain them the game before you start the time. This is a one minute game and thus the players get only a minute to win it. Set up the stack of all the plastic cups in a way that the red cup is in the bottom and all other 39 blue cups are on top of it.

When the time starts the player has to take the cup from the top and put it in the bottom. The rule here is that the player can use alternate hands to grab the cups from the top and stack them in the bottom. For example, if he/she grabs one cup from the right hand, the next cup is to be grabbed with the left hand and so on.

The challenge is to bring the red cup on the top of the stack in one minute. Failure to complete the challenge will result in elimination. If you are planning this game in your ladies kitty party or the birthday party with many guests, you can first divide them in teams and then call one member from each team to play the game. If you are looking for some simple yet interesting one minute party game ideas for your party, try playing this minute to win it game this time and don’t forget to let me know how your guests liked it.

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