शब्दों का हेर फ़ेर: Kitty Party Writing Games in Hindi

Written Hindi Kitty Party Game

This is one of the most interesting and hilarous Kitty Party Writing Games in Hindi. You can play this game in your couple kitty party as well as in your ladies kitty party, it is super fun eitherways.

शब्दों का हेर फ़ेर: Kitty Party Writing Games in Hindi

शब्दों का हेर फ़ेर: Kitty Party Writing Games in Hindi

Things Required

  • Game Sheet
  • Pens

How to play शब्दों का हेर फ़ेर

  • Get the printouts of the game sheet shown above according to the number of players in your kity party.
  • The challenge here is to make the sensible sentences from the given words.
  • This is a one minute game and thus the players get only a minute to make the sentences.
  • The member who writes maximum correct sentences in one minute will be the winner of this game.
  • Make sure that the sentences are correct and make sense and it is a rule to use at least 4 words in one sentence.

I have choosen some very naughty and funny words in the game sheet shown above and thus the sentences are bound to be funny and hilarious. To double the fun, read the sentences written by the members aloud in front of everyone. This will bring a sure-shot laughter and fun quotient in your kitty party.

Some of the naughty and funny sentences I can make from these words are-

  • मेर पति काला है
  • मेरा पति सेक्सी है
  • तेरा पति कमीना है
  • हम कल सिनेमा जायेंगे
  • मेरे पति का बिस्तर लम्बा है
  • मेरे पति ने आज चुम्बन किया

Many more naughty sentences are coming in my mind but I can’t really write them here. You can add many other words of your choice here in the game sheet, or do let me know if you want me to add some more funny words in the sheet. Do leave your comment below if you liked the game, also share it with all your kitty party members online.


  1. Hi shiwangi can u pls send some kids game as I am planning 4 my daughter b’day. Age group 4 to 7 years. Thank u msg me as soon as possible as party I’d on 8th May Sunday. .


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