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ध से धरना: Simple Hindi Written Kitty Party Game


Here is another simple Hindi written kitty party game. This is very simple to be played with any age group of Indian ladies in your kitty party.

Simple Hindi written kitty party game
Simple Hindi Written Kitty Party Game

Things required

Game sheet


How to play

  • To play this simple Hindi written kitty party game in your kitty party, you need to get the game sheets printed as shown in the image above.
  • Give one sheet to every member.
  • The challenge here is to answer the given clues.
  • Every answer has to start with the Hindi letter ध.
  • This is a one-minute party game and thus, the members get only one minute to complete the challenge.
  • The one who writes maximum correct answers will be the winner of this game.

Check the answers below

  • एक अभिनेता- धर्मेंद्र
  • एक विध्या- धनुर्विध्या
  • एक तारा- ध्रुव तारा
  • महभारत का एक पात्र- धुर्योधन
  • एक त्यौहार – धनतेरस
  • पुरुशों का एक परिधान — धोती
  • किसी को नही देना चाहिये- धोखा
  • बढे तो भला घटे तो बुरा- धन
  • चुल्हे से निकलता है- धुआँ
  • एक शाला जहाँ पढाई नही होती- धर्मशाला
  • स्वास्थ के लिये हानिकारक- धूम्रपान
  • जाडों मे खूब सुहाती है- धूप
  • चावल जिससे बनता है- धान
  • एक क्रिकेटर- धोनी
  • केजरीवाल अक्सर देता है- धरना
  • मज़हब- धर्म
  • जो हमारे कपडे धोता है-धोबी
  • शरीर की रक्त वाहिनी- धमनि
  • प्र्थ्वी इस पर घूमती है- धुरि
  • भद्दा निशान- धब्बा


  1. hi shiwangi,
    i like your website very much. i need some help if u can. i heard a tambola story about lalu and rabri devi marriage and their life. in it we have all the nos 1-90.if u have it please share it with me. i have my kitty on next week and i want it.if u have please share it.

  2. Duryodhan is not written with ध it’s written with द
    दुर्योधन not धुर्योधन


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