One Minute Indoor Games : Bang On Banana

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One Minute Indoor Games. Bang on Banana is a fun party game to be played in your kitty party. This is a funny party game and is best suitable for the ladies kitty party of young age group. To play this kitty party game in your kitty party you have to do some homework as in to tie the bananas on string and to collect some bog baskets.

One Minute Indoor Games with Bananabanana

First of all divide your kitty party members in teams and call them all together to play this game. Tie the hands and legs of all the kitty party members before you start the game. You have to hang many bananas with a string in your kitty party hall to play this game. Keep two different colored baskets for both teams ..say keep red basket for red team and blue basket for blue.

Now when the time starts the team members will have to run and get the bananas from the string without using their hands. They have to get the banana from the string and put it into their basket. It is a 90 seconds game and both teams will get 90 seconds to collect the bananas. Team which gets the maximum number of bananas will be the winner of this one minute indoor games.



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