Christmas Party Game for Big Groups: Get The Gift You Hold


This is one of the simplest Christmas Party Game for Big Groups for sure, but I had fun every time I kept in my kitty parties or as the birthday party games as well. To arrange this game in your Christmas theme kitty party, you might need many different gifts, some bad gifts, some good and some very good gifts.

Christmas Party Game for Big Groups

Christmas Party Game for Big Groups

Christmas is all about music and gifts and we will include both of these in this game from my list of Christmas Party Games. Make all your guests stand or sit in a circle and keep all the gifts in the centre on a table. Now play the music and start passing the gifts one by one. Give one gift first and play the music, when the music stops; the player who is holding the gift will get it and will be out from the game. Now take the second gift and circulate it similarly.

Fun creates when there is some very bad gift in the rotation and everybody try giving it to other. Make sure that the gifts are wrapped with some transparent sheet. You can keep bad gifts like match box, rotten tomato, torn socks etc etc. You can also play this game in big groups like your office parties where you don’t have time to play the individual one minute party games. Yes, this can be a nice Office Christmas party game.

Everyone likes gifts and thus this is the best Christmas Party Game for Big Groups. Do try this game in your Christmas party this yeah and let me know how your guests, friends and family liked it. Do make sure that you have some nice and interesting gifts for everyone in the end because its Christmas and no-one should be sad to get the bad gift.



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