Easter Party Games and Ideas : Fun-Filled Easter Party With Friends and Family

Easter theme party ideas

Easter Theme Party Ideas . Easter is on April 20th and if you are planning to throw some theme party this month, you can try the Easter theme party. This is one of the most interesting theme parties for the month of April. Check Out the Easter Theme Party Ideas below to have a exciting Easter bash.

Easter Party Theme Ideas

Easter theme party ideas

The Invitations For Easter Theme Party

“The Easter bunny has appeared on our lawns, Let us hold a hoppy party from evening till morn’, We are so egg-cited All of you are cordially invited”.

Decoration for Easter Theme Party

When you set an Easter theme for your kitty party,You have to decorate your kitty party hall with the Easter symbols, such as Bunnies, carrots, eggs, colorful ribbons, greeting cards, and shimmer. The room must be totally colorful. Create small groups of stuffed bunnies, chicks and other baby animals. Place them in baskets with Easter grass and candies, and they can serve as party favors too! You can also buy the Bunnies with Easter Eggs Decorative Centerpiece.

easter theme party ideas

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  Activities and Easter Theme Party Ideas

Game-1 Decorating an Easter Egg : This is a team game. Give some eggs and colors, brush etc. to each team and set the timer to 5 minutes. The teams have to decorate the eggs and the teams who decorate more eggs creatively in given time will be the winner of first round. You can also give some eggs and a basket and some baskets and eggs to the ladies and ask them to decorate the eggs and the basket to make an Easter basket.You may also ask them to make an egg family. The team whose egg family is the most creatively made, wins .
Game-2 This is a group game. Give the ladies some stuff like the vegetables and boiled eggs to the ladies and ask them to come up with an easter salad.
Game-3 Egg Spoon Race : Prepare a race track with clearly defined start and finish lines. Provide each player with a raw egg and an ice cream spoon at the start line. Have each player place their egg on their spoon. When everyone is ready, start the race. The person with the best time and with egg intact after crossing the finish line wins. You may also use a boiled egg in order to avoid any mess.
Game-4 Matching eggs : This is a team game. Divide the guests in teams and give them some things related to Easter in pairs but mixed up. For example, give them two identical buttons, plastic eggs, candies, chocolate bars, coins etc all mixed up in a bag. The team who pairs up all the things in the first place is the winner.
Game-5 Easter Pictionary : This is a holiday twist on the traditional game. Get a large chalkboard and separate the party into groups. You have to write a few things on paper chits. Ask one team member to come and pick up a chit and draw that thing on the board. The other members have to guess the thing drawn. You can give marks for each correct answer. The team with the maximum marks wins .

Easter Theme Party Ideas For The Menu

Plan a menu of light appetizers like egg salad sandwiches, fried eggs, veggies and dips. Your Easter refreshments should include many different kinds of sweets. Make cookies and cakes in the shape of bunnies or eggs, cupcakes with pastel colors and decorate with jelly beans.

Hope you like these Easter Theme Party Ideas. If you have some more ideas for this year’s Easter party, feel free to share them here.

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Happy Easter 🙂


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