April Fool Pranks For Friends : Simple and Funny Pranks

fake car scratch sticker

April Fool Pranks . Its March 22nd today and you might surely be planning for the Aprils Fools day now. If you search on the web, you will get hundreds of April Fools Pranks ideas but not all of them are worth trying. I am not saying that my list would be the best but I am enlisting the pranks which I liked the most on the web. Check out my favorite April Fool Pranks below and do share your favorite ones via the comment box below.


April Fool Pranks and Ideas

Crazy Mouse – If someone in your house or office is a computer user this prank would be a great idea to tease him/her. For this prank you just need to plug a wireless mouse into your victim’s computer and then go to a nearby location and wiggle the mouse around. They will wonder why their computer is freaking out.

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Drippy Tumbler- This is a simple one but yes it works. You just need to make a small pin hole in the glass or tumbler for this prank. Make sure that the hole is just below the rim of the tumbler so that whenever your victim drinks the water or any beverage starts dripping on the shirt.

Door Ambush – This is one of the most common April Fool Pranks I guess but if you are planning to crack this prank on your victim, be ready to clean the mess. You just need to place a small bucket or mug filled with colored water on a partially open door. To double the fun make some thick red colored liquid like blood.

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Kitchen April Fool Pranks- Swap out sugar for salt and watch Dad put it in his morning cup of coffee. You can also take out cereal bags and put them in mismatching boxes. See how long it takes for everyone to find their favorite cereal.

Car Scratch – A fake car scratch sticker can be a perfect April Fools Prank. It is a great joke to amusing people. You just need to stick these stickers onto your victim’s car and watch their reaction. Paste the scratch sticker on any car or any surface, easy to play and convenient to use and perfect for prank of April fool’s day. April fool pranks

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Fake Squirt Mustard and Ketchup Bottle Prankapril fol pranks

This is again a great April Fools Prank set to make fun of your friends on April Fools Day. Just squeeze the fake bottles over their shirt and see their reactions.

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So these were some of the good and funny April Fool Pranks I found over the web. Please do share your favorite April Fool Pranks via comments below or you can also share your most memorable April Fools Day moments.



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