Indian Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi: सब्जियों के नाम खोजो

Indian ladies kitty party game in Hindi

Today I came across an interesting Indian ladies kitty party game in Hindi. I played it on of my kitty parties and couldn’t resist sharing it here with my readers on Kitty Groups Online. The game was about searching the names of vegetables in Hindi.

Indian Ladies Kitty Party Game In HindiIndian ladies kitty party game in Hindi

This is a one minute party game and we got a minute to win it. The host got the printouts of the game sheet which she distributed among the kitty members and explained us the game. She had written many sentences on a paper in Hindi and the challenge was to search the vegetable’s names in those sentences. We had just a minute to search for the names. She also said that the sentence may contain one or two vegetable’s names. It was not a difficult game but when we are bound in the time limit it creates pressure and we can’t solve even an easy question paper. The game is all about timing. The sentences were written in Hindi language and there were names of vegetables hidden in those sentences.

For example, the first sentence was-

  • भागो भीड बहुत बड ग़ई है. and the answer was गो भी.

There were 1 such sentences and we had to solve it in one minute.

This is the best suitable Indian ladies kitty party game in Hindi, especially for the middle-aged ladies who don’t want to play the typical and tricky playing games in the kitty party.

Do let me know if you have any kind of confusion in this kitty party game for ladies or any other party games in my website. I am right here to solve all your queries about the kitty party games and ideas. You can download the game sheet as well as the answer sheets from the download buttons given below. Do let me know if you can’t, and I will mail you the sheets separately.

सब्जियों के नाम खोजो Answers

 भागो भीड बहुत बड ग़ई है।

 मेह्फ़िल का सही आगाज़ रहा।

 मामूली बातों पर ध्यान मत दो।

 आजकल धनी यार काम नही आते।

 मेरा भाई चालाक चालू है।

 दीपा लक पर विश्वास करती है।

 दिये में घी याद से डाल देना।

 राम तो रीमा से प्यार करता है।

 हम सखी रात भर सोयी नही।

 हम टर टर नही करते हैं।

 लीसा गल्ती नही मान्ती हैं।

 दीपू दीनानाथ के घर गया था।

 मेरी सहेली बगल वाले कमरे मे थी।

 थाली पर मलमल का कपडा ड्ला था।

 स्टाफ़ रूम में सर सो रहे थे।

 क्या करें लाखन बहुत शैतान है।

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