Reindeeer Antler: One Minute Christmas Game

One minute Christmas game

While browsing the web, I came across this funny  one minute Christmas game; Reindeer Antler. So in case you are looking for some holiday fun, I would like to tell you that it is one of the best one minute Christmas Games ever. To play  the Reindeer Antler, you need a few pantyhoses and many balloons. This is an individual game and if you have a large gathering, you can divide them into teams of 2 or four.

One Minute Christmas Game with Panty Hose

One minute Christmas game

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Reindeer Antler is a minute to win it game and thus the contestants will get just 60 seconds to complete the challenge. Call the players in the playing area and give them a pantyhose and a few balloons each. Their challenge is to make the Reindeer Antlers by blowing these balloons and inserting them in the panty hose. In the end, they also have to wear these Antlers and pose like a Christmas Reindeer.

This is a one minute Christmas game and thus the players will get only a minute to blow the balloons and insert them in the pantyhose which is a difficult task indeed. You can call the members in pairs to make it easier or you if you have couples in your party, you can play it as a couple party game.

This game is suitable for all age groups and thus  you can also play it with the kids in your Christmas party. Divide the kids into pairs and give them a pantyhose and balloons each. One of the kids will blow the balloons and other will insert them into the pantyhose to make a Reindeer Antler. Make the kids wear those antlers in the end and do not forget to click their pictures  wearing these funny reindeer antlers. Do let me know if you liked this One minute Christmas game.


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