Ice-breaker Games : Fill In The Names In Bingo Card


This is the first game for the new category in my blog – Icebreaker Games. Although this game is not my idea but I found it worth sharing with my readers here in my blog.

This is one of the most interesting Icebreaking games I have ever heard about and thus posting it as the first icebreaking game in my website. To play this icebreaking game in any of your big group party you need to make a Bingo Card with some special statements. You just make one Bingo Card and get the photostat copies according to the number of guests you are having in a party. You can modify the statements for this icebreaking game according to your guests.

Download Bingo Card for Icebreaking Games for big groups.

The only rule in this icebreaking games is that you cannot write a name more than once. There is not time limit for this game, but the guest who completes the grid with all 16 names will be the winner of this icebreaking games. You can end up this party game for group here, or you an continue to play the Bing with this card.

How to play Bingo

Once everyone in the party is done with the 16 names, ask them to take seats and start speaking the names of the guests in the party. When you say a name and I have that name in my card, I will cut off that name.

For example, I have written names SAM, MARIA, JOSE, and CELINA in my first row. I claim the prize if I get all those four names called off, same as we play the BINGO with numbers.

I hope you are getting me.

This is one of the simplest yet entertaining icebreaking games for big groups, may it be your office party group or some of your ladies kitty party.

I hope you liked the first game in my list of Icebreaking games. I will wait for your comments in the comment box below. Your comments and opinions are valuable to me.

Enjoy 🙂




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