How to keep toddlers busy at home

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Activity ideas and materials come handy when you want to ensure your kids stay busy.  Learning how to keep toddlers busy at home is very important. There is a need for these toddlers to stay away from their mothers for some reason so that mothers attend to other duties.

How to keep toddlers busy at home

These activities are for preschoolers, but you can hand the same to a toddler so that they explore. Keep your preschoolers busy:

  • Ribbon: Take a mix of ribbons and drop it in a bottle. Develop fine motor skills by letting your child pushing out and in the bottle the ribbons. They also learn the colors, sorting and mixing.
  • Plastic cups: A birthday party leftover plastic cups can be handed as a stack to your preschooler and 2 or 3 to your toddler. You will find both of them are doing something.
  • A tub of water: Lay a towel and set a tub. Fill it with water sufficient enough to spill. Add spoons, cups or toys. They are sure to have the best time.
  • Clothespins: Give them a bucket and clothespins, they are sure to get going by clipping them to the bucket, putting it ins or filling it by hanging something.


Learning how to keep a 1-year-old busy is a must.  It should involve some activity to keep them from reaching you. At the same time, it should be a safe game.

Games of kids
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Contact papercraft

Look for a clear contact paper. Peel the backing and take it to a table. Give your 1-year-old a pile of squares, teach him to stick. You will see, your toddler will be busy with the color papers sticking and taking them off and placing in a bowl. He is happy that he is busy all by himself.


Use a hamper

Games of kids
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Simple ideas are enough to know how to keep toddlers busy at home. They are manipulative. Empty a hamper and place it in the center of a room. Bring the stuffed animals and fill the hamper. Your toddler of one-year will be unsure for some time. You may dump out the stuffed animals. Now, your 1-year-old knows it is fun to dump it in and you will notice they will enjoy a lot and cuddle a few stuffed animals.

All said and done it is easy to handle the toddlers, now know how to keep 5-year-old busy. They are a bit grown up and have their choices.

The ever-best choice begins with a Bathtub Play.

Kids always love playing in the water. Fill the tub with fizzy bath tablets and toys, you can be assured for the next 45 minutes, they will have a great time. Parents must have an eye. You can enjoy a mini-break.

Build a fortGames of kids

Wrap your comforter and build a fort. Your child will enjoy this fort and consider it a secret hiding spot as a cave.  You can feed them as they are inside, and stop running around.


Have quiet time

Give some activities to your 5-year olds such as puzzles, blocks, legos or file folders, and get them occupied for 20 – 30 minutes. Also tell them it is a quiet time and they should do their work, while you will keep quiet.


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