Party Games- Blow the glasses with balloon


Party Games with balloon

This is a fun one minute party games and is best suitable for the birthday party with lots of kids. This can however be also arranged as a one minute party game in a kitty party. It looks simple to play, but it is not that easy. Blowing a balloon again and again is not everyone’s cup of games with balloons

Things you need- disposable soft plastic glasses, big balloons

How to play– This is a fun one minute game. Call the players one by one and place 15-20 soft plastic disposable glasses on the table. Keep them upside down. Keep many big balloons on the table. The time limit is one minute and the player has to blow the balloon and blow off the glasses with the air in the balloon. The player can keep trying for one minute. The one who blows off maximum number of glasses is the winner. Add this game in the list of your kitty party games and have fun.


  1. Ok it was a nyc one can try it but I need little simple ones if u can get them pls give me the website bcause I have a party on SUNDAY !!


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