Outdoor Games List For Toddlers


Outdoor Games List. Summers are approaching and we all want our kids to leave the mobile sets, TV sets and go out to play. There are many different outdoor games which kids can play outdoors but kids have a tendency to get bored of things very quickly, thus we need to bring new activity, a new game for kids every now and then. In this post, I am sharing an outdoor games list for toddlers.

You can check and use these outdoor games in your kids birthday parties, or can use them in your family gatherings or maybe as the preschool activities for kids.

Outdoor Games List For Toddlers

Scavenger Hunt- This is a very nice game and has to be on the top of the outdoor games list for toddlers. In this game, you have to take the kids in the ground or a park. Now you must have a list of tasks written on a paper which you will read aloud and the kids are supposed to complete the task. Make sure you are carrying a whistle, so as to start and finish the task. Explain the rule to the kids that you will blow the whistle and task starts and when you blow the whistle again, the task ends.

Now you can give some simple tasks to the kids to complete. For example-

  • Bring something green in color
  • Bring two round things
  • Bring something smooth
  • Bring something you think is beautiful
  • Bring something rough
  • Bring two types or leaves

Kids will definitely enjoy playing this game.

Color HopOutdoor Games List

Pic credit- train up a child learn as we go

This game will not entertain your kids but will also help them learn colors. This will also develop the motor skills in the kids, thus it is one of the best outdoor activity for toddlers. To play this game with toddlers, you need to make many colorful circles on the floor at a distance that kids could jump. Now make the children stand near those circles and start calling out the color names, the kids then have to hop and jump on to that color circle. If you are playing this game with too many kids, be careful as they may hurt each other.

Til Foil River

Image Credit- camoandbows.com

To do this activity with the kids, you need to make a tin foil river as shown in the image below and then fill in some water inside so that the kids can make small boats and sail them or they can sail some of the rubber toys too. This is a fun outdoor activity for kids and will keep them busy for quite a long time.


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