Holi Party Ideas : Bring Fun In Holi Party With Holi Party Games

holi party ideas

Holi Party Ideas . Holi is one of the most popular and fun filled festivals of India. Indians love playing holi with friends and relatives and my personal favorite festival is also Holi. I love throwing the holi party at my place and inviting people to play and celebrate holi. I am arranging holi party for last many years and this year I am planning to add some holi party games to make my holi party even a greater hit than ever.

Holi Party Ideasholi party ideas

You might have seen in the bollywood movies that guests usually wear white colored outfits for a holi party and it really looks good. You can also ask all your guests to wear white outfits for the holi party.

If you are arranging the holi party in an open ground you can keep a big pool of colored water. It looks good and also helps you playing various water games in your holi party. There are many sizes of rubber pools available in the market and you can also buy one from flipkart.

If you just want to fill water in the pool I would suggest you to buy Buy Bestway Amazon Fill n Fun Pool from Flipkart.com but if you want to sit in the pool and fun you should buy the Intex Easy Pool Set, 12-Feet x 36-Inch for your holi party.

Besides playing with water and colors you can also add some interesting holi party games to make your party even more exciting and enjoyable. The games in holi party are usually related to the water balloons and colors only. If you have a big enough open area for your holi party, you can play the water balloon basketball also. This is a fun filled game for holi party and the best part about this game is that all the guests can take part in the game. It is played same as basketball but the only difference is that we use the water balloons instead of basket ball for this game.

If you don’t have a big area you can also try playing thanda thanda cool cool which is a funny game but it has to be played with one player at a time. You can divide your guests in teams and can call one player from each team to play this game.

Other game to be played in holi party is water sponge relay. This is one of my favorite game for holi party. You just need a few sponges, colored water, bucket and jars to play this game. But again you have to divide your guests into teams to play this game.

Water balloon relay is also one of the best holi party ideas. It is an interesting game and creates a huge round of laughter when played with full enthusiasm.

Another game I would like to recommend is Funny Water Balloon Pinata. This is one of the most interesting and exciting games for holi theme kitty party. This is a water game and will surly create a mess and so make sure that you book an open ground or garden to organize your holi theme kitty party.

Hope you like my Holi Party Ideas. Try following these ideas and I sure your holi party this year will be a biggest hit.




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