Games For Holi Theme Kitty : Water Balloon Basketball

games for holi theme kitty

Games for holi theme kitty . Are you planning to throw a holi theme kitty party this month? If yes you might surely be looking for some exciting and interesting games for holi theme kitty. I have a new idea of playing the water balloon basketball and I think it will be very interesting to play this game with kitty friends.

Games for holi theme kittygames for holi theme kitty

As the name suggests this is a basketball game to be played with a water filled balloon instead of a basketball. To play this game in your kitty party you might need the toy basketball game and a wall to mount it of course. You can get the Simba Deluxe Basketball from Flipkart and it is available for a very reasonable price.

Check for a suitable wall and mount the basket there. Fill in many water balloons and collect them in baskets. Before you start the game divide your kitty members in 2 or 3 teams (according to the strength of kitty). Give each team their team band so that you can judge which team is actually doing the baskets. Now as the host blow the whistle the game starts.

The game is to be played same as the basketball where the teams try to put the ball in the basket. The only difference here is that we will be playing this game with a water filled balloon instead of the basketball. Ideally you may need two baskets to play this game.

The team scoring maximum baskets will be the winner of the game. You can either keep a time limit of 5 minutes for this game or you can limit the number of water balloons. When one team tries to basket the balloon, the other team players will try to burst the balloons or snatching it. To fill the water balloons I would highly recommend buying Tie-Not Water Balloons with Nozzle and Knotter with 100 Bonus Balloons.

Hope I am clear with the game here. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box if you have any doubt regarding this game or any of the games for holi theme kitty.


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