Baby Shower Lotto Game Cards : 24 Cards In A Pack

Baby Shower Lotto Game Cards

24 Baby Shower Lotto Game Cards . Baby Shower parties are always full of fun an laughter and adding some funny baby shower games can make your party even more interesting. After adding many playful and funny games today I am bringing you an interesting idea of baby shower lotto game cards.

24 Baby Shower Lotto Game CardsBaby Shower Lotto Game Cards

These cardboard lotto cards will surely add an unexpected fun to your baby shower. The lotto cards are very beautifully made and suits best to the baby shower party. Each card measures 4- 1/4″ x 5-1/2″. It is made in the shape of a lovely baby rattle. Every pack comes with 24 cards and every pack has one winner. This is more like a lucky draw and you can also keep it as the punctuality game in your baby shower party. You do not need to do any homework to arrange this game in your baby shower party. Just distribute the cards to the guests as they come into the party.

When all the invited and expected guests are arrived, ask them to pull back the tabs on the baby’s rattle. One one card out of the 24 cards will have three bottles in a row. The guest having such card will be the winner of this game. The fun will be doubled if you ask the guests to pull the tabs one by one, although it depends entirely on you how you want to conduct this game in your baby shower party.

These cards are available for sale at a very reasonable price. Get these baby shower lotto game cards and double the fun and entertainment in your baby shower party. I am sure your guests will love playing this game.

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  1. Hi shivangi. I have got a baby shower at my home for 70 ladies. I am planning to play housie with a story based on Krishna bhagwan. I have got a story having 40 different names. I can provide you with the sequence of the names in story. Can you arrange for 70 tickets with various permutation and combination.


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