Holi Party Games With Water – Cross The Pool


Holi Party Game With Water. For this holi party game you have to arrange a big rubber pool, it is easily available in the market. Call one member from each team and ask them to cross the pool from one end to other. Make two specific starting and ending points. They can’t touch the pool. Rather tie their hands and blindfold them. Other team partner will guide her to reach to the destination through natural sounds; they have to decide in advance which sound for which direction, no human speaking words for direction, mean horse sound for right, dog barking for left.holi-party-games-in-office

holi party games for office
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“Holi” is all about Fun, Fun and Fun.  No prayers, no demons, no rules, no regulations just pure Holi Party Games and fun. Follow no norms and have fun as much as you want. Hope these games make your “Holi” party a great hit.
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