Simple and Interesting Game For Couple Parties

hindi game for kitty party

I am categorizing it as a couple party game but yes you can play it in your ladies kitty party as well. We played this game in our Valentines theme ladies kitty party.

Hindi Game For Kitty Party hindi game for kitty party

Make some slips and write some Hindi alphabets on them, like च, ब, ल, ट, म etc. Now call one member from each team and ask her to pick a letter each. She then has to say things about her husband with words starting with that alphabet. She will get one minute to say as many sentences as she can.

I got the letter ब and I said the sentences like-

  • मेरे पति के बाल बहुत अचछे हैं
  • मेरे पति को बच्चे बहुत पसन्द हैं
  • मेरा पति बीडी पीता है
  • मेरे पति को बकरी का दूध पसन्द है
  • मेरा पति बम्बइ गया है
  • मेरा पति मेरे लिये बिन्दी लाया।

and a few more. This was a very funny Hindi Game For Kitty Party and we had to say the sentences louder. If you have a couple kitty party, you can call wives and ask them to pick the slip and say sentences about her husband in front of everyone or you can also call husbands to pick the slip and say things about his wife. This is total fun and will create a great quotient of fun and laughter in the kitty party.

The best part about this game is that you do not need anything to play except a few slips. You can reduce the time limit to 30 seconds if you want to finish the game quickly.



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