5 Best Games For Your Office Party

best games for office party

Office parties and conferences are usually boring and some light and funny party games can add a spark. Such games can let your employees have some fun between the boring and exhaustive corporate meetings and conferences. Below are the 5 Best Games For Your Office Parties which will help your employees have some fun.

5 Best Games For Your Office Party

Fruit and Vegetable Race

This is a very nice, simple and entertaining game to be played in an office party. You can play this game with a large group easily. You don’t need anything to play this game. Just call all your employees to the play area and make them stand in a line. Now the host will say some fruits or vegetables names randomly. The employees have to move two steps ahead when the host call out a fruits name and move back two steps if a vegetable’s name is called. The employees who slip the count will be out of the game. The employee who lasts till the end of game, will be the winner.

Polo Tower Party Game5 Best Games For Your Office Parties

You need many polo candies to play this game. You can play this game around your round conference table. Make everyone stand around the table and keep the polo candies on the table. Start with any one employee randomly and ask him to keep a polo in the centre of the table, and other employees will stack the polo over than turn by turn. The one who breaks the tower will be out. You will get the winner in the end. If you have a large group of employees of meeting attendees, you can first divide them into five groups and then those five winners can further compete with each other.

Step Up His Tail

Take the paper ribbons and make a tail of each employee. Make sure the tail touches the floor. Now ask everyone to come to the play area and the challenge is to step up other’s tail and break it. The employee who has his tail till the end of game, will be the winner

Burst the Balloon

Call all the employees on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet. Start the music and make them dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their intact. fun indoor party games

By selecting some fun indoor party games you can actually make your party a great hit. These games will surely make your party more enjoyable and fun filled. Try arranging such party games in your indoor parties and also do encourage your guests to take part in the games. Keep good and exciting prizes for the games.

Do try theses 5 Best Games For Your Office Parties and let us know which was your own favourite one.


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