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Games For Groups

Get funny party game ideas for big groups in birthday parties, new year
parties, christmas parties, valentine parties.

adult party games

Adult Party Games : Be Naughty With Broom And Paper Roll

If you often throw parties in your friends groups with all adults, this could be one of your favorite adult party games. Yes! Trust me, this is one of the most interesting and funniest adult party games. You can arrange this as one of your adult party games in the ladies kitty party or even […]

friendship day party games ideas

Couple Party Games : I Scream, We Scream I Can’t See My Ice Cream

Have you ever played couple party games with ice-creams, if not here is one of them for you and your fun family parties. This can be categorized as one of the fun family couple party games as you need at least 8-10 people to play this game. This is not a one minute party game, and […]

paper party games

Paper Party Games – Guess The Movie Names

This is again a one minute paper party game for your kitty party. This is a common paper party game and can be played in any theme party. However it suits the best for the Bollywood themed kitty party as it includes all the movies names from Bollywood. Paper Party Games On Movies This is […]

Big Groups Game – Groups Banana Game

Big Groups Games.This is one of the most hilarious party games for groups, although it is not suitable for all kind of groups. I mean this party game might not be suitable for the groups with middle aged people. This game can be a great fun for some kind of office party or a birthday […]

Party Game For Groups – Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad – Funny Party Game For Groups This is a fun party game for groups and is moreover similar to the very common game Musical Chair. For this game you might need the chairs set randomly in the hall. If possible get the chair in four different colors and if you cannot manage it, […]