Funny Party Games : Zombie Tag

party games for big groups

Party Games for big groups. Interesting name, isn’t itThis is one of the funniest and most exciting party games ever played. Trust me you will have immense fun if you arrange this game in your kitty parties. This game may suit the best in some horror theme kitty party or Halloween theme party but you can play it anytime you want.

Funny Party Games For Big Groups

zombie tag party games for big groups

From the name you might have got an idea that this game is all about the zombies and we all know that zombies walk very slow and in an absurd way. So this is basically a team building game and one of the best party games for big groups and you have to make all the kitty members or your guests stand up for this game.

Put on some horror music on your music system and make all the guests walk or run here and there in the party hall. The host will start the game by walking like a zombie with hands open and an absurd walk. As the host touches anyone, he or she turns into a zombie and starts walking the same. Then as the zombies touch other people all start turning into zombies. The member or guest left in the last will be the winner of the game. Remember that the Zombies can’t run and the players can but only in the party hall.

If you are arranging this game in your ladies kitty party or a hen’s party you can make a certain twist.. As in make all ladies apply dark red lipsticks and the zombies have to kiss on the neck of players to make them a zombie.

Hope you are all clear with the game. If you have any kind of doubt in this game or any of my other party games for big groups feel free to leave your comments in  the comment box below.


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