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Valentine Games : Coconut Smoochie

valentine games

Valentine game for couples . If you are throwing a Valentines Day party for couples this game will suit the best to your party. Believe me this is one of the most interesting couple party games and will bring lots of fun and immense laughter in your Valentines Day Theme Party.

Valentine game for couples

valentine game for couples

I saw this fun Valentine game for couples in a lovely movie names ‘Just Go With It’. It is a very simple yet very entertaining and cool game for an adult kitty parry or a couple kitty party. You need just a few coconuts for this game. The kitty party game is that the coconut will be placed in the mid sections of the couple and they have to bring it right up to their mouth without using their hands at all.

Though I have never tried this game in any of our couple kitty parties but I am sure that it will be the best Valentine game for couples and all couples will enjoy playing this game. Just imagine how funny and interesting it would be to see the couples trying hard and struggling to shift the coconut from tummy to their mouths without using their hands or any other help. There would be some points in the game when the coconut will fall down and then the players have to lift the coconut from the floor without using their hands, which is easier said than done.

I hope I am pretty clear with this Valentine game for couples but if you still have any doubts with this game, just watch this video . It will explain the game to you and will also show how funny this game is for a valentines day party.

I would like to share the video of this game here as it is really funny game video.

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