Funny Easter Party Games : Easter Bunny Ears Ring Toss party Game

fynny easter party games

Funny Easter Party Games . Easter is just around the corner and I know ladies might already be busy in the preparation of their Easter party. Even if you are not a christian you can throw an Easter party or an Easter theme kitty party. For all my lovely kitty members all around the world  today I am sharing a funny and interesting Easter party game. This game is best suitable for the Easter party as well as the Easter theme kitty party. Not just the kids but adult may also love playing this Easter party game. funny easter party games

Funny Easter Party Games With Inflatable Easter Bunny Ears

This fun inflatable party game will be loads of fun for your child. Simply place the bunny ears on a guest’s head or on the floor if you’d rather and let the fun begin ! The Inflatable Bunny Ears Ring Toss game is sure to be a hit at your next party !

This Easter party game set includes one 16″ hat and four assorted color 7 1/2″ rings. Made of lightweight vinyl this game set can entertain children as well as the ladies in your kitty party.

You do not need to do any homework to play this game in your Easter theme kitty party. Just inflate the Bunny ears and wear the hat. Then play it like any other ring toss game. You can also arrange this game as your kid’s birthday party game as the kids love playing the ring toss game. The bunny ears shape makes this game best suitable to the Easter theme kitty party. This Easter party game set is easily available for sale at a very affordable price. This is one of the cutest Easter party game and is safer too for your little ones.

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  1. Hi shiwangi, very interesting theme on baisakhi. Plz design something interesting theme on gangaur. I’m eager to see how you design this theme. Being from Rajasthan it is t best suitable theme in t month of April. Luv to see more from u


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