Funny Easter Games For Adults : Roll On The Egg

Funny Easter Games For Adults

Funny Easter Games For Adults . The game egg ball is a one minute party game which creates good fun in the party. The game is all about moving three eggs into a target circle with the help of a pizza box. Make sure that you use the raw eggs and not the boiled one. 

Funny Easter Games For Adults
Funny Easter Games For Adults : Roll On The Egg

Keep the eggs on the floor and at a set distance make a target circle. It must be several feet apart or you can change it according to the age group of your kitty party members.

Now the member coming to play the game will get the time span of one minute to roll the eggs into the target circle.

Wait Wait Wait !!!!

Its not that simple. The player has to use the pizza box as a fan and move the eggs with the air of that fan. As a variation, you can also set it as to roll the egg with the nose. This increases the fun quotient of this party game.

The player has to move the eggs from its set place to the target circle by fanning the pizza box. When the timer of one minute is finished all the three eggs must be static in the target circle to get the prize. This is one of the most Funny Easter Games For Adults in my list. Pls do share if you have more of such funny and exciting Easter party games for adults.



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