Top 10 office pranks for April Fools’ Day, Especially #9

Top 10 office pranks for April Fools' Day

Top 10 office pranks for April Fools’ Day. April Fools’ Day is just a couple of days far and you might surely be searching for some good April fool pranks on Google. While there are loads and loads of April Fool Pranks shared over the internet but not all of them are really feasble. After spending some time on such searches, I have enlisted 10 good April Fool Pranks for Office. My suggestions range from vintage classics to the latest Top 10 office pranks for April Fools’ Day for your friends, colleagues and more importantly your frenemies. Top 10 office pranks for April Fools' Day

Top 10 office pranks for April Fools’ Day

  1. Save the local Zoo number by the name of your boss and hand your colleague your phone message asking them to return an urgent call from Mr. Boss.
  2. Switch the telephone plugs of your colleagues’ phone lines. This is surely a very common April Fool trick but trust me, it always works. Just switch the plugs and enjoy the confusion as they repeatedly receive calls for each other.
  3. Before your colleague comes to office, you can  change the mouse’s settings and create a confusion. You can also cover the mouse tracker ball with a tape to irritate him even more.
  4. This one is killer..Hire an actor to enact as a police office and to stage a fake arrest. Drug possession charges, rape attempt, company fraud and prostitution are the funniest ones to be “mock” arrest for.
  5. If you have a photocopier machine in your office, this prank can create real fun. Place a paper clip over or on a black paper sheet and make many copies. Now, place them properly in a pile of the paper tray. When your colleague will come to photocopy a document enjoy his/her confusion as they desperately try and find the strange paper clip that’s showing up on all their copies.
  6.  Switch the coffee room’s sugar with salt, Fill a coffee pot with brown gravy, etc. This is a simple trick but can fool many of your colleagues on April Fools’ Day.
  7. This one is an epic. Set a ‘Blue Screen Of Death” wallpaper as the screensaver of your colleagues computer. Also set the screensaver timer to minimum limit and enjoy his/her frustration.
  8. This is an old one but I found it worth adding in my list of top 10 office pranks for April Fools’ Day. Switch the signs for the men’s and laddie’s restroom. Wait for the fun to begin.
  9. Make a recording of a repetitive heartbeat. Set the volume to just easily audible and hide the player in your colleague’s cabinet,  drawer, desk etc., near to your mark. Now wait till colleague to ask if anyone else can hear that heart beat and ask everyone else to to deny. Make sure, no one laughs when he/she asks questions.
  10. Come first to the office and switch the “Pull” and “Push” signs on the doors. Keep it for the whole day and watch people struggling with the office doors.

Before you try these April Fool Pranks for office make sure that your colleagues have a good sense of humor or else you may end up with a great mess. Also  please do share your own suggestions and add on some more to my list of top 10 Office Pranks for April Fools Day in the comments box below


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