Easter Party Game For Kids : Tic Tac Toe With Eggs

easter party games for kids

Easter Party Games For Kids . Easter is just a couple of weeks far and people are already busy in planning the Easter party. Kids too might be waiting for the Easter party invitations to play the interesting games and win exciting gifts. Today I am adding some fun, kid-tested, and kid-approved Easter games and hope you find them helpful in planning your Easter festivities.

Easter Party Games For Kids

You will need 1 empty box, 9 plastic cups, glue gun, glue dots, or craft glue, green construction paper and scissors for this game. This is a nice game to entertain kids at the Easter party. In the empty box glue the 9 cups as shown in the image below. This will look somewhat like a tic-tac-toe square with 9 boxes. What kids have to do is to put three eggs in a row from a set distance. easter party games for kids

Player tosses plastic eggs and tries to get them into three cups in a row. Depending on ages of children playing, you can limit the number of eggs they toss and the distance from the box. For younger kids, let them keep going until they get it…and everyone is a winner. Kids love winning the games and gifts so let the small kids win and make sure you have gifts for every small child in your party. easter party games for kids

If you have bigger kids in your party you can keep the box at a better distance and also give them some definite number of chances to put three eggs in a row. The images make the game clear but if you have any doubt, feel free to leave a comment below in the comments box. I am always here to help you with the Easter party games for kids and all other games in my website. Also do share if you have some other ideas to entertain the kids in Easter party.



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