Bachelorette Party Games at Home

bachelorette party games

Bachelorette party games can add some spice to your pre-wedding celebrations. Bachelorette party has to be the most memorable day for the bride-to-be and thus it has to be special in every aspect. Make sure that you select some interesting and unique bachelorette party games and also remember not to pick more than 2-3 of them. Below are a few funny and interesting bachelorette party games which can help you making your celebration unique and unforgettable.

Bachelorette Party Games

Cucumber Exchange- Naughty Bachelorette Party Game

bachelorette party games

As the name suggests the pair has to exchange the cucumber maximum in this game. They will get one minute time for exchanging the cucumber and the funny and naughty twist in the game is that they have to hold the cucumber between their knees. Before you start this  game, divide your guests into teams and give them 5 cucumbers each. When  the time starts, they have to pass on the cucumber to other team member without using their hands. The last member in the team will drop the cucumber in a basket. The team which passes maximum number of cucumbers in a minute will be the winner of this game. 

Hit the orange harderbachelorette party games

This is one of the naughtiest bachelorette party games. You can call 4-5 guests at a time to play this game. Tie a ball with a stockings on the waist of each guest playing the game. Make sure that the ball is heavy and is hanging till floor. Now give them each one an orange. Draw the finisher line to finish the race and make them all stand at the start point of the race. when the time starts they all have to push the orange from the ball ganging on their waist. The player reaching their orange first to the finisher liner will win this game

Get Dressed Blindfoldbachelorette party games

To play this bridal shower game you need a bag or a suitcase full of girls clothes. Remember you should put in all the clothing pieces write from the undies to the upper ware. You can add several things like cap, hanky, belts, etc to confuse the player. If you want to increase the fun quotient in the game you better add some sexy night wears, bra, bikini panties, camisoles etc.

Banana Balloon Racebridal shower games .

For playing this game in your bridal shower, you may need a packet of penis shaped balloons and a few bananas. You will have to divide the guests in pairs to play this game. Give every pair a balloon and a banana. One of the member holds the banana and the other one will try to put a condom on the banana with her mouth.  First team to get the condom fully on bananas, wins a prize. CLICK HERE to buy the inflatable penis balloons for this game.

 Balloony Thighsfunny baby shower games

To play this game, call the ladies one by one and ask them to shift the balloons from one end of the room to the other room. Ladies will hold the balloons between their thighs. This is usually played as one minute party game but you can also make it on count. For example the lady who managed  to transit 5 balloons in minimum time will win or so.

These were five best bachelorette party games in my list. Make sure you select the best games for your bachelorette party. Do leave a comment below if you liked any of my games ideas here in my blog.

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