Fun Party Games For Couples

fun party games for couples

Fun party games for couples can make a party fun filled and also helps guests to interact well with each other. The funny couple party games keep everyone entertained in the party. One should plan a few fun party games for couples before you actually start playing them in your party. 

Check out my list of fun party games for couples which will make your party, the talk of the town for sure. 

1. Mix and Match Clothing-  Funny Party Gamefun party games for couples

This is a nice and fun party game for couples. Make a pile of clothings on a table kept at a distance. Make sure that the pile contains equal number of male and female clothings. It may include all kind of clothings, right from the lingerie to pantyhose and other outfits. Now when the game starts the couple will run to the table and start wearing the cloths. As the game is mix and match, the husband will wear the female clothings and the wife will wear all make clothing items. The couple who wear the maximum number of clothing items in one minute will be the winner of the game.


2. Find Your Partner fun party games for couples

This is a partner finding game and is real fun. Bring a good number of brown paper bags for this game. Send all men in a separate room and make all women sit in a separate one. Ask everyone to wear the brown paper bag over their head and then send all of them into one room. Now the game is to find the partner by feeling and touching each other. The guests are not allowed to speak even a word. The couple who find each other first will be the winner of the game. You can also keep second and third prize winners in this game. Anyone moving their brown bags over their head will be disqualified from the game. It is one of the best fun party games for couples. 

3. Feed Your Partner – A Funny Couple Gamebaby shower games

You have to do a bit of homework for this baby shower game. Before the guests start coming in your baby shower party make a cartoon of a baby in diaper on a board or a hard chart paper. Cut the face area so as the player can wear it like a mask. Now when the game begins, call the couples one by one. One of the partners will now feed the other. Couples can decide if husband will feed or the wife will do that. Well usually husbands stand behind the board and wives feed them the dish. Make sure that the dish is a semi-liquid food. You can keep some kind of deserts for this game. 

4. Sip The Coke- Naughty Couple Party Game

fun party games for couples
Naughty Adult Party Game for Couple

This is one of the naughtiest and fun party games for couples I have ever played in any party. To play this naughty adult party game you need some coke bottle and a few straws. Bring the coke bottles and straw according to the number of guests you have to play this game. Now when the game begins, make all the husband stand in a round with their faces outside as you see in the picture above. Give all the husbands a bottle of coke which they will stuck in their thigh. (check the picture). Now start the music. The wives will move around the husband when the music is played. Stop the music after every few minutes and the wife have to reach the husband and drink the coke from bottle using the straw.

Note: to avoid spills lessen the amount of coke from the bottle.

5. Wrap Up Your Partnerfunny party games

To play this party game with couples all you need are just a few tissue paper rolls and nothing else. This is not a one minute party game and thus you won’t set the time limit rather the couple which does it first will win this game.

Call all the couples playing the game and make them stand in a row and give one tissue paper roll to each of them. When the host of the party shouts ‘Start’ one of the partners will start rolling the tissue paper roll to the other partner. The couple have to decide beforehand who will hold the roll and who will turn around fast to wrap the roll. The couple who manages to finish the roll first will win this game. You can also keep the first, second and third winners in  this funny party game. 

6. No Strings Attached

fun party games for couplesThis is again one of the most exciting and interesting fun party games for couples. But check if you really have some sporty people to play this game as it is a bit naught party game. To play this game you have to call all the couples on the playing area. This is a time game and the couple who finishes the game in minimum time will be declared as the winner of the game.

Give a string to each couple. The husband would be standing and wife will be sitting down on the floor to complete this task. Blow the whistle and the game starts. The wife has to put the string or the rope from one leg of husband’s pant and take it out from the other leg.

Do try these fun party games for couples in your next party and I can assure you the doubled fun and laughter quotient in your party. 

Any party can turn boring if the guests don’t know each other and are not interacting with each other. Planning  fun party games for couples can help your guests getting familiar with each other and have a good time.


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