Christmas Week at ZEE5 With Multi-lingual Rom-Com Movies


ZEE5 is the best in entertainment resides and it’s the Christmas time so the platform obviously has numerous options in store for an amazing movie binge. With Christmas coming up, now is a great time to binge on some feel-good movies. Hence, here is my list of some great rom-coms from different parts of India that anyone would love catching up on.

Great Rom-Coms for the Christmas week

  1. Jab We Met- Starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, this movie is the golden standard for rom-coms in Bollywood. In the movie, Shahid Kapoor plays Aditya, a heartbroken business tycoon was depressed and wanted to commit suicide. But then, he meets the bubbly girl Geet played by Kareena during a train journey that changes both their lives forever. Apart from the mesmerizing locations of Shimla and catchy songs, it is the chemistry between Shahid and Kareena that makes Jab We Met so amazing.  
  2. Chi Va Chi Sau Ka – Released in May 2017, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka is a Marathi rom-com starring Mrinmayee Godbole and Lalit Prabhakar in the lead roles. This film offers a quirky perspective into the process of arranged marriages in our times. But in the midst of all the humor, there are some heart-touching insights such as the importance of individual identity in marriage.
  3. Shubho Sharadiya- Especially relevant in our times, Shubho Sharadiya shows how social networking sites and online dating can impact our love lives in a bittersweet way. Following the lives of Shubho and Sharodiya, the movie shows how they fall in love with each other online without knowing their real identities. As the pressure to marry increases, both Shubho and Sharadiya find themselves in an emotional dilemma. Since it is a rom-com week this Bengali film again is a very different love story between Shubho and Sharadiya played by Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty. The film shows how Shubho and Sharadiya create a great bond on social media network.
  4. Geetha Govindam- If you are a rom-com fan like me, you will surely love this Telugu movie which has Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead. Vijay plays the role of Govind who is a young lecturer in a college wants to get married to the most beautiful girl. He finds the girl of his dreams Geetha on a bus journey to his hometown. How twists and turns that follow results in many hilarious but eventually touching moments that make Geetha Govindam quite a joy ride.
  5. Vaayai Moodi Pesavam- Now, this movie possibly has the quirkiest plot among all the movies in the list and I am not complaining. The movie shows people slowly getting affected by a disease called ‘Dumb flu’. With no cure in sight, the government puts a ban on speaking to avoid spreading the disease, which is transmitted via speech. Starring Dulquer Salman and Nazriya Nazim, Vaayai Moodi Pesavam uses its high-concept plot to subvert many rom-com conventions and leave us in splits throughout the movie.  
  6. Hitch- With the theme being Christmas, I had to include a classic Hollywood rom-com in the list. My pick for the last spot would Will Smith’s hilarious rom-com Hitch. Playing a professional date doctor, Will Smith’s Alex Hitchens helps people woo people but isn’t able to impress the girl he loves. With this ironic scenario in the center, the movie uses the idea to weave many hilarious moments throughout the movie.

With these movies listed, your Christmas week is totally set with ZEE5. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, grab a blanket and begin a cozy rom-com binge during the Christmas week.


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