Funny Drinking Games : Have Fun With Beer

funny drinking games

Funny Drinking games are games which involve the liquor drinking and playing cards. Drinking games has been played since ages. You can enjoy and have fun with some simple and interesting and funny drinking games in your liquor party with friends and family. 

Drinking Games

Drinking Dizzy Bat –

It is an interesting drinking game. To play the drinking dizzy bat, get a wiffle bat and cut its end off. Pour some beer in the bat. Now the player has to drink the whole bat full in one go.funny drinking games

Make sure that somebody is checking out the time. Now if you finish the whole bat of beer in 45 seconds, you have to spin with the bat for 45 seconds. funny drinking games 2Once you are done with spinning, the person timing you will toss the empty beer can and you have to hit it with your wiffle bat. If you hit it , its somebody else’s turn. Miss it and you have to spin again. You can choose the players randomly or can take out the name chits. It is one of the funniest drinking games to be played with friends.

Flip Cup 

This is again a very simple yet interesting and funny drinking games to be played with friends. For this drinking game you will need 16 ounce beer cups, a big table and beer of course. Firstly pick two teams for the game. Keep 4-10 players in a team. Each team will stand on opposite sides of the table. Each player puts the cup on the table and put the pre-decided amount of beer.

funny drinking games 3
The leap players start the game and drink their beer. Then set the on the corners of the table and flip it upside down using a single finger. Once they are done, the next players will drink the beer and flip the cups. funny drinking games 4The first team to drink and flip down the line will be the winner of the game.

Try these funny drinking games at your drinking party next time and do let us know who you liked them. I am sure your friends would love having fun with beer. Do hit the FB like button if you like my drinking games ideas and also feel free to leave a comment if you know some more of them.

P.S Please drink carefully and follow all local laws regarding drinking age. 


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