kitty party games for ladies at home

kitty party games for women

Women gather in Kitty parties to have fun, socialize and to get away from other commitments. Some funny one minute kitty party games for women help women to learn more about each other and produce a great course of laughter. Check out a few interesting kitty party games for ladies at home-

kitty party games for ladies at home

Card inthe Melonparty games with cards

Place the two tables at a distance. Try to play this game at home first to set the distance. On one table keep the watermelon as shown in the picture below and on the other table keep the packs of cards. Now call the members one by one to play this game. Every member will get one minute to throw maximum cards to the watermelon. The member who sticks maximum number of cards in one minute will be the winner of this game.


 Don’t Blow The Queenkitty party games for ladies

Keep the table with a smooth top in the center and spread all the card over it upside down. Spread the cards in such as way that the queens come beneath all the cards. The player have one minute to blow out the cards from the table. The player has to blow the cards in such a way that all cards fell down, but the queens stay on the table. The player who managed to make all four queens on the table wins the game.

Dental Cap Delightkitty party games for women
In this game, the player will use a cap spin to pick up the toothbrush from the bristles from one brush holder and keep it in the other stand kept at a distance. The time limit for this game is 60 seconds and the player has to shift two toothbrushes in the time frame from one holder to other.

These were some simple yet interesting kitty party games for ladies at home. Do try these games in your next kitty party and let me know if your friends like them.

Keep Kittying 🙂




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