Chair Race: Group Party Game

couple group games

This is a group party game, but actually only husbands will play the game. In this game, you first have to call all the husbands in the play area and ask them to sit on chairs. Make sure there is no extra chair in the line and also make sure that all husbands are sitting at an equal distance from their wives.

Chair Race: Group Party Game
couple group games

Now the host will start announcing the tasks and husbands have to complete them. For example at first you can say ‘Go and bring your wife’s purse’ All husbands have to run and bring their wife’s purse. Meanwhile remove one chair from the row. The man who comes late and misses a chair will be out.

Now call out- go and bring your wife’s lipstick mark on your cheeks. The husband will run to get it and meanwhile you have to remove another chair. The one who comes late will be out.

Next task can be something like – Go and get a coin from your wife. Again every husband will run and the one who comes last will be out.

The game will go on in the same way until you get your last and final winner. You can keep it as a family game too where the husband will run and the rest of the family will help him completing the tasks.

This is one of the funniest game to be played with the couples or with family. I hope the game is clear to you all, do leave your comments below if you have any doubts regarding this game.

Keep Partying and Keep Playing 🙂



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