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Election Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

election theme kitty party games

eElection fever is all in the air and everyone is talking about the elections, political parties, etc, so why not to create an election theme kitty party this month. This would be the most appropriate kitty party theme for this month and if you are considering the same, this post is just for you. Here I will be sharing some new and interesting election theme kitty party games and ideas.

Election theme kitty party games

Voting Counts Kitty Party Game

This is the first game for your election theme kitty party, wherein you have to create a voters pad kind of thing. Create some categories as in the posts, like the minister of style, the minister of backchodi, the minister of cooking etc and make a voting sheet for it. Also, write the names of all your kitty members in that sheet. Now call the members one by one and they have to vote the members as per the categories. In the end give the respective posts to the members according to the votes.

Watch the video below to know more about this game


Election Party Symbols Paper Party Game

This is a written game with one minute of time limit but you can change the time limit as per your own convenience. In this game you need to make a game sheet with all the political party symbols of our country and the challenge for members is to identify the symbols and write the names of the parties. I am adding the game sheet here in this post and you can download it for your elections theme kitty party if you want.

Make A Party Symbol Game

This is a team game basically and you have to make teams in your kitty party to play this game. Here you will give some craft material to the teams and the challenge for them is to make party symbols for them with a political slogan. The team who makes the best symbol and the slogan will be the winning team.

Skit Time

In this game, you will give each team a name of some political party in our country. The task for the team is to make a skit of 2 minutes on that particular party. The team who makes the funniest skit will be the winner of this game.

This was my list of election theme kitty party games, do let me know if you have more ideas to share here.

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