Egg Toss: Fun Family Game For Easter Party

fun family game for Easter party

Easter is just around the corner and the ladies are already busy in planning the Easter parties at their place. No Easter party is complete without the interesting and fun games for kids as well as the adults in the party. Today I am sharing a simple yet fun family game for Easter Party.

This is a simple game and all you need to play this game is an egg tray and a packet of plastic eggs and yeah the number stickers of course. You can get the plastic eggs Here.

How To Play Egg Toss in Easter Partyfun family game for Easter party

Take the egg tray and paste the number stickers as shown in the image below. Write different point numbers from highest to lowest. If you have many guests in your Easter party, its better to divide them into team first or if you have enough time, you can call everyone individually to play this game.

If you have teams, call one member from each team to grab the points for their team. Every player will get 3/5 chances which means five plastic eggs. Make them stand at a set distance and their challenge is to toss the eggs in the egg tray. Keep it at a minimal distance so that they can easily toss the eggs, may be a few feet away.

Now set the egg tray either straight on the floor or slightly inclined. It is always tougher to toss the eggs in an inclined tray. Now the layers have to toss the eggs turn by turn in a way that the eggs lands in the hole and stay there. Count the total points and that will be the score for that team. The player who grabs maximum points for the team will be the winner of the game.

It got this lovely idea from the gamegal . You can also bring some variations in the game like you can keep some paper balls instead of the plastic eggs or you can keep a muffin tray instead of the egg tray, totally up to you.

Happy Easter. 🙂


  1. Hi shiwangi i would like u to help me with the candyland theme tambola . I mean t tambola only includes with candies, ice creams n cupcakes designs. Or in t form of story . Plz revert asap bcuz i have a candilicious theme party at my place for my daughter’s b’day


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