Easy Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu This Season

tips to prevent cold and flu

The deadly Swine Flu is not yet controlled and we have another enemy Bird Flu to fight with. As far as I have consulted my doctors friends, no vaccines can prevent the flu cent percent, but there has to be some or the other way to stay away of the season’s cold and flu.

After talking to many of my doctor friends and browsing for hours on the internet, I have got some very good points on how to protect ourselves and our family from the season’s flu and some easy tips to prevent cold and flu. tips to prevent cold and flu

We all know that diseases have a direct connection with our immune system. If our immune system is weak we will catch the infection quickly and easily and thus it is very important to strengthen the body immunity to fight against the common viruses of flu.

Check out these points below if you want to protect your family from the seasonal cold and flu-

Easy Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu

Keep your body hydrated

The toxic substances inside our body is what actually makes us sick and ill and keeping the body hydrated is the only way to eliminate these toxins from the body. Drink more water when there more of flu cases around, keep your body hydrated.

Drink two glasses of water when you wake up, if not two then make a habit of drinking one glass at least. It removes all the toxins accumulated in the body in the day and night passed. Not much people know that caffeine dehydrates the body and thus it is important to make a habit of drinking two glasses of water against one cup of coffee or tea.

Drinking water is also helpful if you are already having flu. Drink as much of water as you can and it will relieve you of the discomfort of flu.

Wash your hands regularly

Maintaining the cleanliness is very important to stay healthy, especially of the contagious diseases. Flu is highly contagious and thus it becomes very important to wash your hands and face regularly with a good disinfectant to stay away from the germs.

Avoid Going to Crowded Areas

Yes, we can’t stay at home to avoid catching flu but at least we can reduce our outings to the crowded places like cinema halls, crowded markets, crowded parties etc. And if you can’t avoid at least keep yourself safe by washing and sanitizing your hands regularly. Wash your hands thoroughly before you eat or drink anything. Stay away from the people having flu.

Sleep Well

Getting proper sleep is very important to stay healthy. Sound sleep energizes our immune system and likewise less sleep weakens it. Make sure you are having a good and eight hours long sleep daily if you want to protect yourself from the influenza virus. Follow these tips to get a good sleep-

  • Take a shower before sleeping
  • Warm oil massage may help getting sound sleep
  • Reduce alcohol intake as it interferes with sleep quality
  • Take light food in your dinner
  • Listen to good music while sleeping
  • Keep your bedroom clean

Take less sugar

I read somewhere on some doctor’s website that sugar weakens the immune system. So in this season try reducing the sugar intake to stay away from the infections.

Reduce intake of dairy products

It is always advises to reduce the intake or dairy products during this season. While browsing over the web, I read on Lisa’s blog that dairy products contain hormones and antibiotics which contribute to create mucus in the body which is obviously a place for viruses and bacteria to grow and expand.

Another reason is that the dairy products are acidic in nature and germs and diseases actually thrive well in the acidic body.

Balanced Diet

Taking a balanced diet is always important but it becomes crucial in this season. Include the superfood like dense bright colored fruits and veggies in your diet to boost your immune system. Dark colored food items are rich in antioxidants which will help maintaining the overall health.

Stay happy and stressfree

It is very important to stay happy if you want to be healthy. The stress hormone like cortisol increases when you are in stress and this further triggers a hyperactive immune system which brings you at high risk of getting the auto immune diseases. Yoga, meditation, balanced diet, good friends, good habits etc are some points which can help you staying happy and stress free.

Follow these Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu and stick to them to protect yourself and your family from the spreading viruses of flu. One very important point to remember is that do not be your own doctor, if there are some symptoms of flu, get in touch with some good doctor as soon as possible.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy 🙂



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