Cute Party Game For Girls : Paint Your Nails

cute party games for girls

Just landed to a very cute party game for girls; its Paint Your Nails. Its really a cute and nice game for the teen girls to be played in a slumber party or even in a birthday party. If you are planning your daughter’s birthday party, try this game with her friends, I am sure they will simply love it. You just need a few colours of nail paint and a spin set up. You can also use a bottle to spin, whatever suits you more.

Cute Party Game For Girls


cute party game for girls
Source : Maxbella Loves


As shown in the image above you have to make a spinner on the hard board and keep different coloured nail paints all around it. The girls will sit in a circle around the spinning board and start spinning one by one. Girls have to paint any one nail of their hands or toes on the colour the spinning arrow or the bottle stops. The girl who gets maximum number of nails painted with one colour will win the game and get the prize. It’s upon girls how they pain their nails so as to get a complete hand or a tow with a single colour.


Well as this game is played with the spinning board you can also play it with the dice where you can assign 1-6 numbers to different coloured nail paints and the girls have to pain the nail according to the number they get in dice roll. That will be a fun too. Or you can give an extra chance for number six.

I simply loved the idea of this cute party game for girls by Maxbella. However I am a momma to two grown up boys now but yes I can keep this game in any of our family fun parties where we have many cute and sweet girls. I am sure the girls would love to play this cute party game for girls where they get to pain their nails along with a gift. Do leave your comments below if you liked this idea of cute party game for girls.



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