Party Games for Diwali Theme Kitty Party


Diwali party games is the term used by most of the Indian ladies this month . Diwali is almost here and many of the Indian ladies would be planning to throw a diwali theme kitty party this month or next month. One minute party games are the best mode of entertainment for the Indian kitty parties and today I am here with a Diwali party game specially for your diwali theme kitty party.

Diwali Party Games with Match Sticks

diwali party games

This is one of the simplest yet entertaining diwali party games. The image is saying all but as usual I will explain how to play this one minute party game in your Diwali theme kitty party. For this game you just need many of match boxes and thats it. Call the members one by one if you are arranging this game individually or call one member from each team if you have divided your members into teams.

Now all the playing members will get two match boxes and one minute. They have to write HAPPY DIWALI using the match sticks. One minute is the time limit for this game and the member who manages to write maximum times will be the winner of this game. It is no doubt a simple game but goes best with the diwali theme kitty party. You can play this game with kids, in your ladies kitty party as well as in your couple kitty party.

I hope I am clear with the game. Do leave a comment below in the comment box if you have any doubt regarding this one minute party game or any other diwali party games in my website. Also feel free to share your diwali party ideas and games here. Do leave a comment below if you want to share your party games and ideas here in my website.


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