Mummy Bowling Halloween Party Game Adults

Halloween party game adults

Recently while browsing over the web I came across a very interesting Halloween Party Game for kids, however it can also be called as Halloween party games adults but kids would love it more. As the name suggests this is a bowling game but unlike the usual and regular bowling it is somewhat related to the Halloween theme.

Halloween Party Game Adults

Halloween party game adults
Source: tipjunkie

For this bowling game you need to turn the bottles into mummy bottles and then the game would turn from bowling to Mummy Bowling. Get some bowling bottles and paint them white and then cover them using a white bandage. Make sure that you cover them properly and bottle is not visible under the bandage. After the bandage is wrapped properly, make some scary blood teeth and eyes on the bottles. The image below would help you making the mummy bottles.

Now when you are done with the bottles the game is simple. The challenge for the player is to roll out the mummy bottles with the ball. To make it more of theme you can turn the ball into a blood ball by colouring it red and then making a few scary dirty spots. Arrange the mummy balls as we usually do in the bowling game and give 10 chances to every player. Count down the bottles and score them accordingly.

If you are keeping it as a halloween party game for kids, keep the distance less but if you are planning this game for your Halloween party game adults or teens keep the distance more.

This is a very simple yet interesting Halloween party game adults and the best thing is that it suits every age group. Try playing this Halloween party game this year and let me know how your guests liked it. Do hit the FB like button above the post if you liked the idea and also feel free to leave a comment below if you didn’t.




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