Coffee With Brandy






  • Cinnamon stick1
  • Whole cloves5
  • Sugar cubes 4 (lumps)
  • Orange Strip –1/2
  • Lemon Strip –1/4
  • Brandy–1/2 cup
  • Dark roast coffee–2 cups freshly (brewed)

How to make coffee with brandy-


    • Take medium sized chafing dish and put the cloves, cinnamon stick, citrus peel and sugar cubes in it.
    • Take a saucepan and heat the brandy over medium heat.
    • Now pour the brandy over these ingredients in the chafing dish. Light the flame and cook it for 2 minutes and keep stirring occasionally until the sugar crystals are dissolved completely.
    • Now mix hot coffee in the chafing dish and leave it with the spiced brandy for one minute.
    • Turn off the flame of the chafing dish and serve hot this awesome coffee.


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