Christmas Party Games : Wreath Relay


Christmas is all about fun, partying, delicious cakes and cookies, and gifts. But a Christmas party without some best funny Christmas party games gets boring. Have you ever heard about the wreath relay game? It is a very popular and interesting game to be played in the Christmas party. As the name suggests this game is played using the Christmas Wreath and is best suitable as one of the best funny Christmas party games.

Best funny Christmas party games

Wreath Relay Christmas party game

best funny Christmas party games

Two players as a team will play this game. Teammates have to transfer a decorated wreath using only their bodies from shoulders up and hang it to a pole in the party hall. They can’t touch the wreath with their hands. You can also arrange this game with a team where all team members will pass the wreath as we do in a relay race. But the condition is same they have to transfer the wreath with their bodies from shoulder and up.

Longest Line party game

This is again one of the best funny Christmas party games and is suitable for all age groups. Actually you can play this game by keeping the families as a team. The goal of this game, as the name shows is to create the longest line. The whole family can try to make the line longer and they can use anything they have, right from the shirts, pants, belts, bags, comb to every other thing they can remove.

Both of these games are Best funny Christmas party games and can double the quotient of fun and laughter in your Christmas party with friends and family. Do make sure to bring some exciting gifts for the game winners and if you have children in your party, do keep some different Games For Kids to make them happy this Christmas.


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